Congo Partnership

Our partner presbyteries, the Nganza and Tshibashi Presbyteries, belong to the CPC (Communaute Presbyterienne au Congo) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are located in the Kananga area.

The partnership was formally established under the guidelines of the PC(USA) in 2004. It was renewed in 2009 with a five year commitment.

We have grown much closer in Christ through our partnership and commit ourselves to one another with renewed zeal for the work of Christ throughout the world.

Read about the History of our Congo Partnership…

Local Church Partners


Our Commitment

Together, the three presbyteries are committed to work together in these specific areas:

  1. Children’s Education
  2. Women’s Development
  3. Building and Repairing Churches

Support Missionaries

  • Gwenda Fletcher works in the area of education.
  • Bob and Kristy Rice work in evangelism and outreach.
  • Ruth Brown, our newest missionary, serves in the area of development.
  • Dr. John Fletcher faithfully labors at the Good Shepherd Hospital in the village of Tshikaji located in Nganza presbytery.

Financial support is needed for all of our missionaries.

Sheppard & Lapsley University

This institution is in the bounds of our partner presbyteries and educates clergy and lawyers for a large segment of Congo. Contributions may be made for scholarships or general support.

Get Involved
  1. PRAY for our partners in Congo, the members of the congregations, the pastors, and the missionaries.
  2. INVITE someone to speak about the Congo—a guest from the Congo or a member of our Congo Partnership Team.
  3. PARTICIPATE in individual fundraising projects
  4. ATTEND mission forums, network meetings, or conferences hosted by the PC(USA) to learn more about work with the Congo.
  5. ADVOCATE for U.S. policies that will help the Congo.
  6. SERVE on the Presbytery’s Congo Partnership Team or as a Church Contact.
  7. GIVE generously to support our work with the Congo.

To GIVE, Please make all checks payable to: “Presbytery of Sheppards & Lapsley” Add specific instructions such as: Education, Women’s Development, Medical Support, Building and Repairing Churches, Sheppards and Lapsley University.

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